Q: What is the system requirements to play the game?
A: Tree of Savior can be supported by many middle range PCs around the world.

spec req

Q : Is there any PvP system in CBT?
A : We will try some PvP system in CBT, such as 5vs5 PvP and other PvP variation.

Q : Is Tree Of Savior the sequel of the Ragnarok Online game ?
A : Ragnarok Online is a game that we develop a few years ago but the Tree Of Savior itself is a new game. If there are players who feel that in games like Ragnarok probably ,because our game taste is like that. Tree Of Savior is a new game, better than and not connected with Ragnarok.

Q : What steps are taken IMCgames and Gemscool in order to prevent cheat and hacking?
A : In order to prevent cheat and hacking problem, we’re trying
improve and prepare the best system security.

Q : Is there any guild war (GvG) in Tree Of Savior?
A : There will be one Class , which is Templar. This class can build a guild in the game, and become a leader in the guild war feature.

Q : How can we get a hidden class?
A : For the 80 current job, there will be about 30 hidden job.
To get it will be very varied. Such as find an hidden NPC that is very hard to find in certain circumstances, there is also to finding hidden items. And there was also based on the level and class tree.

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