Tree Of Savior Linker

Linker is a magical object class that connects spiritually.
You can connect with each other to share the damage or
colleagues tied them to each other to amplify the damage.

TreeOfSavior-wizard_m4TreeOfSavior-wizard_class_icon4 TreeOfSavior-wizard_f4

Tree Of Savior - tos bannerskill_wizard4_0Unbind
Turn off all connected link.

skill_wizard4_1Physical Link
Walk party receives a link to share the damage.

skill_wizard4_2Joint Penalty
Connect them to each other to be attacked at the same time.

skill_wizard4_3Hangman’s Knot
Tighten the Links collection of linked attacks that have hit one enemy with each other.

skill_wizard4_4Spiritual Chain
Walk the links to the party shares the buff effect.

skill_wizard4_5Umbilical Cord
The peer is associated with a higher share of their stats stats.

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