Tree Of Savior Alchemist

Alchemist can enhance the synthesis or production of the items or gems using alchemy ability.


Tree Of Savior - tos bannerAlchemist-TreeOfSavior0Combustion
Explode your items on the ground and give damage to nearby enemies.

To acquire the necessary minerals in the ground for alchemy.

Alchemist-TreeOfSavior2Gem Roasting
Open an enhancement shop to harden the gems. For enhanced gems the penalty is reduced.

Change the performance of the item by combining two weapons.
There is a chance of the potential of the synthesized weapon decreasing.
The items performance can go up or down.

By extracting the liquid from the hub, creating a variety of potions item.

Alchemist-TreeOfSavior5Magnum Opus
Using the ratio of alchemy, creating new items.

Alchemist-TreeOfSavior6Item Awakening
Start the battle to derive the performance of the item.
If the battle is successfull the hidden options of the item can be used,
for that its potential will decrease.

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