Tree Of Savior Bokor

Tree Of Savior Bokor,Cleric Class that can manipulated undead monster. They can make a zombie from the dead bodies.

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Tree Of Savior - tos bannerskill_cleric3_0Hexing
Curse enemy to decrease magic defense and stop recovery.

[Magic] – [Dark]
Gives damage to cursed enemies.
The 3rd attack will give additional damage.

skill_cleric3_2Tet Mamak La
Zombies will move to specified location.

Create a circle that zombifies killed enemies.

Throw a charm at ally, so that he cannot feel pain. While the charm is in effect,the ally will not receive damage,
but the ally will receive the cumulated damage after the effect runs out.

skill_cleric3_5Bwa Kayiman
[Physical] – [Impact]
Instructs zombies to open a festival.
While the zombies circle around a specified location,
enemies who touch a zombie will receive damage

Install the symbol of death on the ground.
Maximum HP and movement speed of nearby zombies and allies increases.

Install the symbol of power on the ground.
Power of nearby zombies and allies increases.

Zombies near the specified location will detonate and damage enemies.

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