Tree Of Savior – Cleric

Cleric is healing and give protective magic for parties in favor of the Goddess, who gives the enemy a powerful blow.

cleric_m0cleric_class_icon0 cleric_f0

tos bannerskill_cleric0_0Heal
[Magic] – [divine]
It creates a circle restore HP or damage to the enemy.
floating object does not apply.

[Magic] – [divine]
To create a circle of colleagues released a one-level or higher, or damage to the enemy.


skill_cleric0_2Safety Zone
To create a circle that prevents the attack.



skill_cleric0_3Deprotected Zone
To create a circle that continues to reduce the enemy’s defenses.


skill_cleric0_4Divine Might
It creates a circle to increase the skill level of one-time colleague.


Clear the gicheok eliminate the threat of monsters, it will be put to preemptive attack monsters attack.


Circle Creates a patron saint.
Target received the effect of Circle receives on behalf of the caster’s damage.


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