Tree Of Savior Cryomancer

Cryomancer fight the enemies using the Ice Magic.
They can make a barrier from the ice to defend from the enemies.


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TreeOfSavior-skill_wizard2_0Ice Bolt
[Magic] – [ice] – [Sting]
Attacks a target with an ice arrow and has a chance to freeze the enemy.

TreeOfSavior-skill_wizard2_1Ice Pike
Triggers a wave of ice pikes.
Has a chance to freeze the enemy.

TreeOfSavior-skill_wizard2_2Ice Wall
Creates an ice barrier to imprison enemy with a chance to freeze the target.

TreeOfSavior-skill_wizard2_3Ice Blast
Explodes the target in a frozen state. There is a chance to freeze one enemy nearby.

TreeOfSavior-skill_wizard2_4Subzero Shield
For an instant, an ice wall is made to prevent an enemy attack.
Freezes the enemy that attacked.

High winds pushes a target.
If the pushed target is frozen nearby enemies will receive damaged.

TreeOfSavior-skill_wizard2_6Snow Rolling
Ride a big snowball and crush enemies.

Source : http://info.tos.nexon.com/

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