Tree Of Savior Dievdirbys

Tree Of Savior Dievdirbys is created sculpture statue placed on the ground.The statue will create an area of divine powers, or provide several auxiliary functions.

cleric_m4cleric_class_icon4 cleric_f4
Tree Of Savior - tos bannerskill_cleric4_0Carve Vakarine
Goddess of the evening star to pieces Bacary nesang.
Through the Statue you can warp to another area.

skill_cleric4_1Carve Zemina
The sculpture of the goddess of the earth Gemini spiral.
Decrease allies Skills SP consumption.

skill_cleric4_2Carve Laima
The sculpture of the goddess of fate Rai horseback.
The cooldown of party members around the statue will be reduced.

[Physical] – [Sting]
Carving knife to attack the target.
Plant type and apply to the additional damage bonus monster,
you can get statues material.

skill_cleric4_4Carve Owl
[Magic] – [Flame]
Carve an Owl that attacks enemies in the front.

skill_cleric4_5Carve Austras Koks
Silence apporaching enemies.

skill_cleric4_6Carve Ausrine
Carve the Goddes of the Morning Star Ausrine.
If you or allies circle around the statue 3 times,
they temporarily don’t receive damage.

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