Tree Of Savior Druid

Tree Of Savior Druid. The Druid priests used the power of nature is a class that can use the technology that has transformed into a monster and a monster by directly controlling the pin pools on the ground to give or help allies.

Tree Of Savior - tos banner

Control one enemy in the front.

Plants at a specified location will attack nearby enemy.

skill_cleric9_2Shape Shifting
Transform into the latest monster you ‘Shapeshifted’

The most recently turned into a monster again that turn into sweip shifting.

skill_cleric9_4Sterea Trofh
Nearby plants will protect you and your allies.

Temporarily creates a pool at a specified location.
Monsters who come into the affected area will temporarily be regarded as plant type monsters.

Source : http://info.tos.nexon.com/


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