Tree Of Savior Elementalist

Tree Of Savior Elementalist. Elementalist List is a powerful wizard to deal with the power of the elements. Has a strong magic attacks, but takes time to use the skills in collaboration with party is important.

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Tree Of Savior - tos bannerskill_wizard6_0Electrocute
[Magic] – [electrical]
To launch an electric chain to attack the front of the enemy in a row.

skill_wizard6_1Stone Curse
Enemies temporarily creates a petrified state.

[Magic] – [ice]
Disappointed myriad of ice dropped
to the specified location will continue to damage the enemy.

[Magic] – [fire]
Summons a Red Flames.
prominences are summoned back and forth to the target, inflicting damage to any position.

[Magic] – [fire]
Dropped meteorites in the location you specified will damage enemies.

The rain in the specified location.
The rain will give a variety of effect.

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