Tree Of Savior Fletcher

Tree Of Savior Fletcher. Fletcher is the class who create and use a special arrow. This is class have powerful effect according to various arrows for various enemy types in combat situations.

TreeOfSavior-archer_m8TreeOfSavior-archer_class_icon8 TreeOfSavior-archer_f8

Tree Of Savior - tos bannerTreeOfSavior-skill_archer8_0Broad Head
[Physical] – [Sting]
Arrowhead launches a wide Broadcaster heads
causes less bleeding on the right arrow.

TreeOfSavior-skill_archer8_1Bodkin Point
[Physical] – [Sting]
Penetration will launch a strong board Keene arrow.

TreeOfSavior-skill_archer8_2Barbed Arrow
[Physical] – [Sting]
It launches barbed tip.
number of strikes is applied differently depending on the type of enemy defenses.

TreeOfSavior-skill_archer8_3Cross Fire
[Physical] – [Sting]
When the enemy killed in the attack, crosswise to bolt to explode.

TreeOfSavior-skill_archer8_4Magic Arrow
The flames came up and shot an arrow at a target location gives affected.

[Physics] [blow]
Launches hung explosives on the arrow.
The arrow shows the damage to enemies honed around the explosion shortly.

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