Tree Of Savior Hoplite

Tree Of Savior – Hoplite

Hoplite is a swordsman-type class which uses a spear. When an enemy is about to attack, it can receive a Counter Bonus when it counter-attacks the enemy using its shield and spear simultaneously. Spears have longer attack ranges than swords and some skills with a spear will deal bonus damages on the giant monsters.

TreeOfSavior-swordsman_m3TreeOfSavior-swordsman_class_icon3 TreeOfSavior-swordsman_f3

Tree Of Savior - tos bannerTreeOfSavior-skill_swordsman3_0Stabbing
[Physical] – [Sting]
Stab the enemy continuously in the window shows the damage.

[Physical] – [Sting]
Stab enemies will increase damage,
The larger the size of the enemy’s battering bonus applies.

Active stance to switch to the window position that attacks
increased critical strike occurred, but avoid the reduction.

TreeOfSavior-skill_swordsman3_3Synchro Thrusting
[Physical] – [Sting] – [hit]
Use the shields and spears to attack the enemy makes the damage.
When used as a counter attack to give additional damage.

TreeOfSavior-skill_swordsman3_4Long Stride
[Physical] – [Sting]
Jump to a specified location to deal damage to nearby enemies.

[Physical] – [Sting]
Attack enemy by throwing the spear.
If the spear is not picked up in a specific time it will disappear.

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