Tree Of Savior hunter

Tree Of Savior Hunter

Tree Of Savior Hunter. Hunter is Obedience class instruct Companion to bring down the enemies.
Instructed companion is actively participating in the hunts, etc. to find the enemy hiding or increased biting targets.

TreeOfSavior-archer_m4TreeOfSavior-archer_class_icon4 TreeOfSavior-archer_f4

Tree Of Savior - tos bannerTreeOfSavior-skill_archer4_0Coursing
This companion is stretched biting the target.
There is a chance to give bonus critical strike.

The companion asked the public type monsters drops to the ground.

The assault by the enemy companion.

Raise the movement speed and attack speed temporarily companion.

The companion was pacing around the target and serve as a target.

Companion is biting the target gets attracted towards the owner.

The Companion finds the target lurking around.

This companion to threaten the enemy will not let you come around. Enemies can be a terror state.

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