Tree Of Savior Indonesia Pre-Launch Event

Hello all in July 9, 2015 Gemscool the game publisher in Indonesia, held a pre-launch event of the newest game Tree Of Savior. Pre-launch event was held in Jakarta Arena Gemscool, with some very cool stage show.


Introduction/Opening Ceremony

Tree Of Savior ImcGamesOpening show opened with an awesome trailer which is pretty amaze the audience at the event. After that the elders of IMCgames stepped onto the stage to greet and give a speech to all Indonesian audience.

Present at the event, Mr. Kim Hak-kyu as the founder and CEO of IMCgames, followed by Mr. Kim Se Yong  the producer and director Kim Yong Hyun as QA manager, and Mr interpreter that I forgot his name.

Game Introduction

tree of savior 80 classThe event was followed by the introduction of the game Tree Of Savior. In this session, explained the various features in the game. Among them are various classes that later it can be played by all that is around 80 class with four basic classes Swordman, Archer, Cleric and Wizard. Most Advanced Class also explained in this session.

They also introduced game features, such as crafting, Companion (pte-mount feature), Combat Mechanic, Skill Attribute, Equip refinement. They also make a promise to build the best community in the game.

Game Test

Finally, I can test the game. The period time is so short. But at least it’s treat my curiosity. And one word for this game : AWESOME.

Q n A Session

Tree-of-Savior-Indonesia-teaser-imageQ and A session :

1. Q : Is there any PvP system in CBT? A : We will try some PvP system in CBT, such as 5vs5 PvP and other PvP variation.

2. Q : Is Tree Of Savior the sequel of the Ragnarok Online game ?
      A : Ragnarok Online is a game that we develop a few years ago but the Tree Of Savior itself is a new game. If there are players who feel that in games like Ragnarok probably ,because our game taste is like that. Tree Of Savior is a new game, better than and not connected with Ragnarok.

3. Q : What steps are taken IMCgames and Gemscool
in order to prevent cheat and hacking?
A : In order to prevent cheat and hacking problem, we’re trying
improve and prepare the best system security.

4. Q : Is there any guild war (GvG) in Tree Of Savior?
       A : There will be one Class , which is Templar. This class can build a guild in the game, and become a leader in the guild war feature.

5. Q : How can we get a hidden class?
       A : For the 80 current job, there will be about 30 hidden job.
To get it will be very varied. Such as find an hidden NPC that is very hard to find in certain circumstances, there is also to finding hidden items. And there was also based on the level and class tree.

Game Review

1.Graphics (Scored 5/5)
Graphic is one of my favorite elements in this game because it reminds me of the classic games I’ve ever played before, both console and PC games. And most importantly friendly graphic , with this friendly graphic we can stay in a long term to levelling or doing other thing. I love the environment,character design and other graphic elements.

2.Gameplay (Scored 5/5)
Semi Hack-and-Slash and auto-targeting is the uniqueness of this game.  Another uniqueness of this game is we can freely choose to use 3 types of controler like mouse, keyboard or gamepad. The game features was also very interesting to follow as crafting, Companion (pet-mount), Combat Mechanic, Skill Attribute, Equip refinement, PvP, GVG and many other features.

3.Sound (Scored 5/5)
One word for sound/bgm : Amazing

Good Job IMCGames.


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