Tree Of Savior Krivis

Tree Of Savior Krivis. Cleric serving the creative fire, rain, inflicting massive damage to enemies or aid the party with the power of the Holy.

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Tree Of Savior - tos bannerskill_cleric1_0Aukuras
Summon the sacred torch to improve the ability of HP recovery parties.

Improve the critical skills of colleagues,
or create a circle of downward enemy critical skills.

Increase the number of beneficial effects which can be for you and your party.

[Magic] – [Lightning]
It creates a circle to drop the enemy with the power of lightning attack.

skill_cleric1_4Divine Stigma
Engrave a stigma to enemy.
The one who kills this enemy will temporarily receive an increase in power and intelligence.

It creates a circle to maintain the beneficial effects
for themselves and party members.

Source : http://info.tos.nexon.com/

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