Tree Of Savior Necromancer

Tree Of Savior Necromancer. Necromancer class that is using magic with the death body. You can attack enemies with a collection corpse transcript or create your summoned minions.

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Tree Of Savior - tos bannerskill_wizard9_0Gather Corpse
Collect the enemy dead.

skill_wizard9_1Create Shoggoth
Create a Shoggoth in the shape of the card inserted into the Necronomicon.

skill_wizard9_2Flesh Cannon
Attack nearby enemies by spraying collected bodies on them.

skill_wizard9_3Flesh Hoop
It shows the damage to enemies in his approach around a dead piece around.

skill_wizard9_4Dirty Wall
Build a wall out of corpses to prevent enemies from approaching.
Enemies that are attacked near the wall have a chance of getting decay status.

Collect the pieces have remained a dead spot dead.

Source : http://info.tos.nexon.com/

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