Tree Of Savior Paladin

Tree Of Savior Paladin.Paladin will exert a strong attack power by converting an enemy damage. Paladin protect allies around with the sacred power, they fought for worship the goddess.

cleric_m6cleric_class_icon6 cleric_f6

Tree Of Savior - tos bannerskill_cleric6_0Smite
[Physics] [blow]
Whack strong enemy, inflicting the damage.

To activate the aura, it enhances the resilience of HP’s allies around.

skill_cleric6_2Resist Elements
Increase party element resistance.

skill_cleric6_3Turn Undead
The stochastic variation in the type or types of enemies Kill Devil once.

You create a circle that is stochastic in the conversion.

Pushing out nearby enemies Develop a wall of protection
that can not come for a while.

Source : http://info.tos.nexon.com/

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