Tree Of Savior Pyromancer

Pyromancer is Tree Of Savior Wizard Class. The Pyromancer have a strong fire magic.

TreeOfSavior-wizard_m1TreeOfSavior-wizard_class_icon1 TreeOfSavior-wizard_f1

Tree Of Savior - tos bannerTreeOfSavior-skill_wizard1_0Fire Ball
[Magic] – [fire]
It summons a fireball.
I was a little fireball touches the ongoing fire damage.

TreeOfSavior-skill_wizard1_1Fire Wall
[Magic] – [fire]
Continue to inflicting Fire damage to the enemy approached to create a wall of flame.

TreeOfSavior-skill_wizard1_2Enchant Fire
Temporarily give the flame properties in the attack and his party.

[Magic] – [fire]
To give a small burst of flame damage.

TreeOfSavior-skill_wizard1_4Fire Pillar
[Magic] – [fire]
The enemy will summon the flame pillars damage.

TreeOfSavior-skill_wizard1_5Hell Breath
[Magic] – [fire]
Forward continuously blowing the fire to the enemy.
I have a few ongoing fire damage.

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