Tree Of Savior Ranger

Tree Of Savior Ranger

Ranger is one of the Archer Class in MMORPG Tree Of Savior. Ranger class are specialized to give enemies multiple hit with a quick shot from a distance using a bow.

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[Physical] – [Sting]
Fired a five arrows.

[Physical] – [Sting]
Aimed at a target with an arrow piercing,the enemy will end on straight.

TreeOfSavior-skill_archer1_2Critical Shot
[Physical] – [Sting]
Give the enemy critical strike that gives high damage.

TreeOfSavior-skill_archer1_3Steady Aim
Instead of the attack speed decrease, this will increase your attack power.

TreeOfSavior-skill_archer1_4Time Bomb Arrow
[Physics] [blow]
The bomb hanging bolt.
arrows hit the target, inflicting more damage by exploding in a few minutes.

TreeOfSavior-skill_archer1_5Bounce Shot
[Physical] – [Sting]
When hitting target in the attack ,the arrow split into several parts around.

TreeOfSavior-skill_archer1_6Spiral Arrow
Replace the arrows of the enemy dug lifting spiral.
Once you launch the main attack on then it applies a continuous strike.

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