Tree Of Savior Rogue

Tree Of Savior Rogue. Rogue is class that do anything to fight for the victory. Commando behind enemy using a crossbow and daggers, a surprise such a strong class in the battle bow attacks hiding in the state.

TreeOfSavior-archer_m7TreeOfSavior-archer_class_icon7 TreeOfSavior-archer_f7

Tree Of Savior - tos bannerTreeOfSavior-skill_archer7_0Sneak Hit
Temporarily increases critical hit if you attack from the enemys rear.

Shifts tricking the enemy to relax.
enemies of the front are temporary evasion is reduced.

[Physics] [blow]
The target in this attack dies, target of the explosion, and a temporary increase in the power of yourself and party members.

Steal the enemy’s trap and the circle.

Increase their evasion.

Hiding in the ground to hide their appearance.
In this state, no attack is possible, but will be moved.

[Physics] [blow]
Throw tear gas at the specified location.
who was the target of a tear goes into darkness.

[Physical] – [Sting]
The target of continuous attacks dagger.
2 is a high probability that the critical battering attacks, you can create a stunned state at the same time.

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