Tree Of Savior Schwarze reiter

Tree Of Savior Schwarze reiter.
Schwartz writer/Schwarze reiter is a trooper class with a quick maneuverability. The colorful mobile technologies Shooting with a pistol as the main specialty.

TreeOfSavior-archer_m10TreeOfSavior-archer_class_icon10 TreeOfSavior-archer_f10

Tree Of Savior - tos bannerTreeOfSavior-skill_archer10_0Concentrated Fire
[Physics] [beating]
Give the enemy concentrated fire multiple bullets.

[Physics] [beating]
Shooting forward and himself back exit.

[Physics] [beating]
Unlike quickly while using a mobility during boarding and attack the enemy.

TreeOfSavior-skill_archer10_3Retreat Shot
[Physics] [beating]
The fire runs towards the rear of the direction of travel.

Source : http://info.tos.nexon.com/

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