Tree Of Savior Sorcerer

Tree Of Savior Sorcerer. Sorcerer is a wizard to summon a demon. Steer the board to summon a demon or enemy.

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Tree Of Savior - tos bannerskill_wizard7_0Summoning
Summons a demon draw card is inserted in the mower.
The mower can be equipped with only the very devil-type monster.

skill_wizard7_1Attack Ground
Order the summoned demon to move and attack a specified location.

Hop over the head of the devil summoned thither mower to operate the demon directly.

While keeping the attributes of the summoned demon it
changes to the form of the sub-card demon.

Order the summoned demon to wait at a specified location.

[Magic] – [Dark]
Summons a workhorse.
workhorse will self-destruct to rush an enemy attack or attack when the owner receives.

Fire demon summons on the salami.
Salami is an attack on the enemy traveled along the master looks.

Summons a servant.
The servant must give traveled along the beneficial effects owners.

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