Tree Of Savior – Wizard

Use the magic stopped the attack of the opponent or as a class wizard to protect yourself is to attack a wide area, peobut a strong attack on a single target or to a large number of enemies you can attack a wide area.

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skill_wizard0_0Energy Bolt
Collect powerful magical energy to fire the enemy.
in proportion to the amount of energy collected also increases damage.

Create a helpless enemy state.



Create an enemy to sleep.
Sleep state, less wakes up when you reach the limit attacks.


skill_wizard0_3Reflect Shield
A certain amount of enemy attack creates a shield that reflects the attacker.


skill_wizard0_4Earth Quake
[Magic] – [Land]
Powerful earthquake will cause damage to the target.


Using skill, Sinners deserve to attack the cast can not be canceled.


Continuous attacks by enemy magic bullet.


skill_wizard0_7Quick Cast
It reduces the skill casting time.



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